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School Community Council

Co-Chairs: Darlene Bendel & Johanna Croes 
Treasurer: Alona Valdesimo 
Secretary (Temporary): Jessica Bunyan 
Trustee: Dana Stefanson
Please contact [email protected] to get involved. SCC related questions can also be directed to our school principal, Patrick Winand by contacting the school.
LeRoy School SCC is also on Facebook! Click here to access the feed
The Leroy School Community Council would like to welcome all students back as we start this
new year!

The School Community Council (SCC) is a required advisory body for every school in
Saskatchewan that involves parents, students, community members and school staff working
together. The SCC encourages family and community participation in education, and supports
student learning and well-being by understanding the needs and resources of our community.
The council meets regularly to discuss the school’s budget, curriculum, and policies, and, as a
group, manages funds that are used to the benefit of every student. Our main goal is to improve
the overall educational experience and outcomes of students by fostering a strong relationship
between the school and our community.

Some of the things the LeRoy School Community Council has done for our students in the past

● Cover transportation costs for the ski trip and end of year swimming trip
● Purchase each student a book during the Book Fair
● Coordinate and find sponsors for a school supply drive
● Buy a leveled reading program for teachers to use with students
● Fund “Fun Days” for students with bouncy castles, water games, bowling, skating, or
● Supply treats and lunches for students throughout the year
● Host a Christmas Dinner for students and their families
● Financially contribute to Pink Day
● Provide muffins or bagels to celebrate Family Literacy Day
● Celebrate students at the Awards Ceremony
● Buy new swings for the playground, and smart boards for the classroom
Members of the Leroy SCC also coordinate a weekly snack program, provide baking for the
Breakfast Program, ensure all students have the supplies they need to succeed, and volunteer
regularly in our school.

We will be meeting the first Monday of the month at 7pm, at Leroy School. We rely on the
support and expertise of our community, and we hope you will consider joining us at least once
this year!

The Leroy School Community Council